Jovy-Anne Fletcher is always committed to completing her priorities

Holding hands-on attitude, highly analytical and ambitious, Jovy-Anne Fletcher serves as a brand manager. She possesses a clear understanding of the brands and marketing mix. Highly focused on results and with great determination, Jovy works to manage all the online advertising, events, social media, professional associations and other organizations to generate sales to ensure the sales growth.

In 2010, Jovy served as the Production Assistant at Zimmermann where she assisted with organizing samples and showroom set up. She communicated with the design and technical team to ensure fitting comments are being sent on time. Besides, she reviewed samples, size specs and construction of projects. Additionally, Jovy communicated daily with domestic and overseas suppliers. Here, she allocated all boutique and major customer orders.

Currently working in a renowned organization as a brand manager, she works to develop a marketing communication plan that includes strategy, goals, budget, and brand presence. She makes sure that the higher level of customer care and operational performance is well maintained. She manages the VIP customer engagement, thus nurturing the existing VIP clientele and generating the new business. Overall, it is her responsibility to develop a marketing communication plan that includes the strategy, goals, budget, and brand presence.

Formerly providing social media and customer service at Black Milk Clothing, Jovy-Anne Fletcher worked to maintain a high level of customer support through email and live chat daily. She implemented and maintained all online dispatch and customer service procedures. Besides, she managed all digital and social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Pertaining to the skills Jovy has developed so far, Jovy is a hard worker who is highly committed to completing priorities. Besides, she is a cooperative team player with skills in defining team interactions. Apart from being highly skilled in cash handling, reconciliation, and banking, Jovy-Anne Fletcher is highly energetic who holds the ability to accomplish the heavy workloads. She holds a positive and proactive approach to excellence in customer service and staff support. Overall, Jovy possesses efficient time management and organizational skills.

Published by jovyannefletcher

Currently working as a brand manager at a renowned company, Jovy-Anne Fletcher maintains the highest level of customer care and operational performance. Pertaining to the skills and the competencies he has developed so far, he is highly proficient in RMS for POS, AP21, Niche, Joor, Mailchimp and Statigram. Besides, he has the ability to work well under pressure and stressful conditions. During his free time, he loves ice skating, running and yoga.

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